St. Lukes Apartments


Richmond, Virginia


496 Units

Project Type



Completed 2022

Project Description

In 2017, SAA|EVI—a development company committed to revitalizing urban communities—acquired the Essex Village Apartments, a nearly 500-unit complex with a history of unhealthy and dangerous living conditions that had raised community concerns. SAA|EVI renamed the complex St. Luke’s Apartments, in honor of the fraternal order led by famed community leader Maggie L. Walker, and set to work planning improvements for the beleaguered complex. As part of their efforts, SAA|EVI engaged ETC to complete extensive renovations.

We conducted extensive renovations of this large footprint, multifamily complex, including substantial rehabilitation of all tenant units, in-unit washers and dryers, new HVAC units, a more robust electrical security system, upgrades to site amenities, along with $10+ million in site improvement and building envelope work. This includes a state-of-the-art playground, substantial landscaping upgrades, new site fencing and paving, along with a substantial rehabilitation to the existing clubhouse.


We have successfully completed all in unit work as well as having completed the extensive drainage and site work required; replaced all siding, windows, and roofs and replaced all electrical panels and circuits. We have installed new fencing, gates with site access control, and a CCTV security system expected to substantially lower overall security costs and bring an added element of safety to this family-oriented complex.

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