Leaders in affordable housing

Reputation for skill and success.

With more than 100 completed projects and $1 billion in completed work encompassing over 30,000 units, ETC has garnered a reputation for successfully rehabilitating and constructing large multifamily affordable housing complexes. We prioritize the people involved while ensuring projects remain on time and on budget.

Our Approach

Preserving affordable housing is in an important job.

For each project, we put in place a team of on-site experts who provide assurance that our jobs are completed on time and on budget, without sacrificing quality. We recognize the importance of providing high-quality work throughout the project life cycle, from pre-construction through construction and closeout. We take immense pride in our safety practices, pleasant tenant interactions, and ability to solve even the most complex of issues. At the end of a project, our mission is to leave the community better than we found it, with residents who feel optimistic and proud of their new environment. Our unparalleled strategy, oversight, and management ensures each aspect of this significant undertaking is done right.

Compliance is constantly evolving and therefore a moving target in our line of work. Each job comes with a unique set of requirements that we must meet head on, with proper foresight and with a well-developed plan. From compliance with prevailing wage regulations to the utilization of MBE, WBE, SDVOB, and Section 3 contractors to maintaining a well-represented workforce, compliance is a critical component of our success. Each subcontractor that works with us undergoes a full review of their current safety practices, and comprehensive risk management assessments are completed to mitigate and, in many cases, eliminate potential risk for our clients and their counterparties. ETC has a fully staffed compliance department whose sole focus, day and in day out, is to ensure we meet and consistently exceed these requirements.

During Hurricane Ida one of our senior buildings in NJ was flooded with 5ft of water in the boiler room and as a result, all systems were destroyed. The residents were without air conditioning, hot water, and the heating season was around the corner. Providing heat looked nearly impossible in the few weeks before October 1st. However, within 3 days of reaching out to ETC, they were able to install a temporary boiler to provide heat and hot water to our residents. ETC worked tirelessly to accommodate our needs and as a result, brought a sense of calmness to our residents during the difficult time. ”

Regional Property Manager
Community Realty Management

ETC is the quintessential construction partner that makes the difficult task of transforming residential complexes and homes, and the lives of the people we serve in our communities possible. The commitments and assurances we make to our tenants are honored by ETC and they are by your side through it all, until the project is complete and brought to fruition.”

Ernst Valery
Co-managing Member, SAA|EVI