Logan Heights


Sanford, Florida


360 Units

Project Type



Completed 2019

Project Description

Our client, Lincoln Avenue Capital, was founded in 2016 and sought to protect the availability of affordable housing around the country through acquiring and improving properties. Based on our track record of executing nearly fifteen similar projects in the state of Florida, LAC hired ETC to lead the substantial rehabilitation of Logan Heights Apartments, a 360-unit project that came with significant time restrictions.

Needing to complete the work within nine months, we put together a plan to maximize the number of units completed daily and minimize the number of unit entries required to complete the project. We increased manpower and developed a smart logistical plan that allowed us to fully renovate the units’ kitchens and bathrooms, install new flooring and energy-efficient windows, repaint the stucco exteriors, and replace the existing roof while adding solar panels—all at a pace that allowed us to satisfy LAC’s deadline, maintain the quality of work our clients have come to expect, and support LAC’s mission of expanding the availability of affordable housing throughout Florida and the United States.


We completed this project on budget and within the tight time requirements, allowing our client and their investors to maximize their ROI and preventing any tax credit recapture from taking place—allowing LAC to continue its mission of expanding the availability of affordable housing.

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